Thursday, September 3, 2020

Black Forest RECTIFIED 7 ½ x 47 Porcelain Tile by Interceramic SPECIAL

glazed porcelain rectified tile black forest by interceramicBlack Forest Rectified 7 ½ x 47 Porcelain Tile in 3 colors
  • Special Deal $2.49 /sf!

  • PEI – Group Rating: III , IV
  • STS – Shade and texture spectrum: High
  • 7.5″ x 47″
black forest tile
Black Forest by Interceramic in 3 Handsome Colors:

PLEASE NOTE: Not recommended for ramps or floor areas exposed to water or heavy grease accumulation.

  • Walls/Backsplashes
  • Countertops
  • Exterior

TEST RESULTS ANSI STANDARDS ASTM # Abrasion Resistance (PEI) Class IV/III Class 0-V ASTM C1027 Chemical Resistance Resistant As Reported ASTM C650 Bonding Strength (psi) >50 psi ?50 psi ASTM C482 Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF)* >0.42 As Reported ANSI A 137.1-2012 Scratch Hardness 6.5 MOHS 1-10 MOHS Scale Water Absorption <0.50% ?0.50% ASTM C373 Breaking Strength >450 lbf. >250 lbf. ASTM C648 Frost Resistance Resistant As Reported ASTM C1026 Stain Resistance Resistant As Reported ASTM C1378 Crazing Resistance Resistant As Reported ASTM C424 Thermal Shock Resistant As Reported ASTM C484 Recycled Content (Pre-Consumer) 12.50% N/A N/A Recycled Content (Post-Consumer) 23.70% N/A N/A CRAFTED FOR EFFECT
Interceramic brings digitally printed tiles a step closer to reality with LumenFX. This special process replicates the infinite beauty found in nature by adding distinct and specific highlights to each individual tile. The unique ink creates depth to your space by adding the right touch of reflectivity to the tile’s design. Get the beauty of nature and the durability of tile with LumenFX from Interceramic.
*It is important to note that Dynamic Coefficient of Friction results can vary after installation due to the presence of foreign materials, such as water, oil and other materials; the length of the human stride at the time of slip; type of floor finish and condition of shoe sole.


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